Win Buzzerks: See the world through a bug's eyes

Last week, when the kids opened up their new Buzzerks glasses, they had a great time running around, playing with them, and pretending to be bugs. Buzzerks allows wearers to see the world as a bug sees it, multiplied. Which is pretty cool. Plus, its a great mask for dress-up, playtime, and Halloween. After a little while of playing, I interviewed Big, age 7, to learn about Buzzerks.

At $9.99 these fun glasses are a great gift. You’ll find them in Insect Lore’s shop. (In the vlog I spelled the site incorrectly. You’ll find Buzzerks at or

Want to win some for your kids? Comment below!  Insect Lore will send ONE winner one set of Buzzerks (one of each insect) for the winner and one set for the winner’s teacher, for a total of 6 pieces.  (retail value $59.94). Winners must be residents of the United States. So, not only are stocking up on gifts for your kid or the holidays or the birthday closet (you have one of those, right?) but you’re also winning for your child’s teacher!    One winner will be selected at random after October 29. Extra Entries:  (you have to comment first): Tweet about this giveaway by clicking the little yellow retweet button at the bottom right of this post. Please do not comment that you tweeted, I’ll already know about it.

This is one of a series of Sponsored Posts that I will be posting as a Buggin’ Blogger for Insect Lore.

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  1. Susan Wright says

    OK, Julie, I’m stupid. How do I sign up to maybe get a set of the Buzzrd things? Not clear to me, old grandma.
    Thanks, Snoo

  2. says

    Great Job Big! Our boys would love these! The buzzards would be a great addition to the boys dress up bin as well as learning to see both sides of a bug’s world when playing bug catchers! Our bug tool box would be complete!

  3. says

    My son has these (the praying mantis buzzerks) on his holiday wishlist!
    It would be really cool to win and share with his school class! Thanks for the great giveaway1



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