Teacher Gift Guide, with a Tiny Prints Holiday Photo Card Giveaway

I’ve posted often about the best gifts for teachers (and what not to give a teacher). (click on all those linked [underlined] words for the different guides.) But I did want to include a few new ideas that your teacher will absolutely love.

Tiny Prints Greeting Card with Gift Card

At Tiny Prints you can create custom greeting cards with the most flexible gift cards available printed right inside. You’re teacher will love to receive them and they’re so easy, you’ll love to send them! The gift card is run through Tango, and the receiver gets to choose between using the gift towards top retailers, a charitable contribution or trade it for cash.

Blank Greeting Card

Also, its a great idea to carry blank greeting cards in your handbag or diaper bag or give to your teacher to carry them. I started carrying extras this summer after Jessica from Tiny Prints gave me samples. You know those times when you  just want to slip a quick note on someone’s windshield, or attach a message to something you’re dropping off at a friends’ house, or leave a note in the teacher’s mailbox? Those are times when carrying notecards totally comes in handy. I can promise you, the recipient is thrilled to recieve a hand-written note from you. Gift yourself a few. They make a fantastic teacher gift, too.

Holiday Photo Card

Still need to order holiday photo cards to send out to your friends and family? Don’t forget to give one to your child’s teacher with the gift, and to the office as well. Teachers love photo cards of their students. They can show them off at home, or hang them on a bulletin board!



Give her flowers! I don’t know why I never thought of this idea before, but who doesn’t love flowers?! What a beautiful gesture to gift your teacher a beautiful bouqet. Its a huge help to send the flowers already in vase, because her hands will be very full and she’s likely to be very busy first thing in the morning. Flowers without a vase will be placed on her desk and likely to dry out. Rather than giving your kid the duty of carrying the flowers to school, have them delivered!

I’m giving away 50 Holiday Photo Cards from Tiny Prints. To enter, comment to this post telling me what you’re planning to gift to your child’s teacher this holiday season. One winner will be randomly selected on Tuesday, December 7 and will be alerted of winning by email. Want extra chances to win?

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  1. says

    I am giving my Teacher gift cards to the Movies! I know she will appreciate these because she has children too and I know how expensive it can be to just go to the movies! And it is something she can enjoy with others!

  2. says

    Ooooooh I love tiny prints. I’m planning to give my the teachers in my life a tin of candy from William Sonoma along with a handwritten note. I usually bake, but I’m feeling lame this year. Ha! Loving the flower delivery idea though. If I didn’t have 6 teachers to buy for, I’d consider doing that.

  3. says

    We collecting donations from everyone in the class (not mandatory, of course) who wants to contribute to a VISA gift card for our two teachers.

  4. says

    I am giving A’s and M’s teachers (6 total – yikes!) Lands End canvas tote bags with their names or initials embroidered on the outside. I’ll also include a handwritten note for each teacher…

  5. Lori says

    Our teacher is getting a local restaurant gift card and a bottle of wine- the restaurant is a BYOB! Support local businesses and give you kids teacher the alcohol she needs after dealing with your kid-It’s a win/win!

  6. Amanda says

    I was going to give all the teachers a the school/daycare a basket of homemade muffins. Also still undecided on the teachers (10 in total!) – leaning toward gift cards. And for therapists was going to go the personalized canvas bag route with my sons handprints on it.


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