Lilly Pulitzer, QR Codes and Shecon (and me and you)

If you’re heading to SheCon, aka SheBlogs Conference, next week, then listen up. I am involved in two sensational promotions. Really. Sensational. Two nights I’ll be working with Lilly Pulitzer, wearing some of my favorite clothing and accessories of their summer 2011 line up. (Stay tuned for the other promotion, which I’ll share early next week.)

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When I’m wearing these summery, resort-party-conference-day out-perfect for everything looks, I’ll also be handing out some very special cards. The cards will have a QR code on them and when you scan the QR card, it will take you to a site to sign up to win my Lilly look. That’s right. W-I-N.

One winner will be selected for each outfit. And if you love both, make sure you find me wearing both outfits so you can enter both giveaways.

Of course I’ll also remind you to look for me. When I’m wearing one of these Lilly looks (and it will be at SheCon parties, of course!) I’ll tweet from the hashtag #LillyLook. So make sure to find me then to get your entry.

Only a few months ago, QR codes were foreign to me. I read up on them and they’re pretty cool. Simply by scanning a code you are taken to relevant information on the internet. Sometimes it will fan you for a facebook page; Others you’ll be taken directly to a website. When you scan this QR code you’ll be taken to a form to complete (each outfit will have a different form, so make sure you get both QR codes.) The A Colorful Blog featured a great post this week that goes into further detail about QR Codes. Be sure to read it.

So. Here’s what’s most important before we head to South Beach this week. Make sure your smartphone has a QR code reader app. Here’s a great reference, with reviews of several QR Code Reader apps for iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Android.

Oh! I bet you want to know what I’m wearing, right?


Bloom Dress in Hotty Pink Cherry Begonias (Retails for $188), Picture Perfect Espadrille in Grass Green ($198), Savana Shawl in Green Bean ($78), Behind the Hedge Necklace ($48); Total retail value: $512.


Jarvey Skort in Classic White Had Me a Blast ($78), Paley Cardigan Island Weight in Lagoon Green ($88),  Lexie Crew Short Sleeve in Hotty Pink ($40), McKim Wedge Stud in Dacquiri Pink ($178),  Don’t be Koi Necklace ($48). Total retail value: $432.

Also, I have to mention 2 quick things about my latest Lilly experience:

  1. I haven’t worn a skort in years. YEARS. OMG they are SO comfortable. Seriously. I will wear this thing all summer long. So even if you aren’t going to SheCon, you totally need to invest in a skort. They’re perfect for every day–whether every day is  chasing your toddler, going to work, hanging at the club or eating crawfish at a boil. Skorts are perfect. I’m a new fan.
  2. Did you notice how absolutely reasonable Lilly Pulitzer’s jewelry is? My readers know that I’ve been big into jewelry this season… because I’m big into accessories in general, of course. Well. I’m pretty sold on Lilly Pulitzer being another designer that you can count on for good costume jewelry without going crazy.

Little, btw, is not up for a giveaway. She gets to stay with me. :) Thanks to Lilly Pulitzer for providing the clothing for this promotion.

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    WOW! You’re a lucky duck! What a great giveaway and an awesome conference! Wish I could go too! 😉
    Have fun and look sassy!


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