Family Meal Plan for September

september meal dinner plan menu

It’s got to be a growth-spurt, but I am SO impressed with Little and her eating habits lately. She could not get enough of the Taco Chicken Bowls or the Rigatoni Peperanotano last week. And this week she’s asking for soup, soup and more soup. I love it when I make something and the kids [...]

September Meal Plan

september meal dinner plan menu

September, we hear you calling. You *want* us to pull out the slow cooker and start making chilis and soups, don’t you? Well, here at Julieverse, we did that a dreadfully hot Saturday night and enjoyed our first tastes of the upcoming season. And while I’d rather stick with grilling salmon and burgers and chicken [...]

August Meal Plan

august meal plan -- 5 weeks of family fresh dinners

or those of you new to meal planning, be sure to read my basic tips for meal planning post. And to get meal plans in your email inbox, subscribe to the Julieverse daily emails (plus you’ll receive other Julieverse posts each day.) 5 weeks of summer dinners for August Menu Plan July Week 5/August Week 1 Monday: Brown Sugar [...]

Family Meal Plan: June

june meal plan family dinner recipes week month weekly

It’s here! (Well, partly.) The boys are still in school this week and most of next, but Little is officially on summer vacation which leads to a total change in routine. As concerned as I was all weekend, we woke up this morning to a – mostly – good start to our day. So. That’s [...]

June Menu Plan (+ family update)

june meal plan family dinner recipes week month weekly

It’s hard to believe that this is my final month before completing the entire year of monthly meal plans. Yes, in July, I’ll republish the July 2013 meal plan as a 2014 plan. Of course, I’ll double check to make sure the links work and will edit and tweak as necessary for planning purposes. I [...]

Ending May with a break, and a meal plan

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day and took time to enjoy family and friends, while remembering those who served and gave for us to have the freedoms we live today. As usual, we attended our annual Memorial Day family reunion at the Jersey shore, on the beach of Margate. This year was very special, [...]