Menu Plan for October


I always find Halloween such a difficult night to prepare a meal. We want to carve the pumpkin, not make a mess of our costumes, and we’re so rushed and excited to run out the door for trick or treating to begin! Years ago, we’d order pizzas for friends and neighbors, but the pizza slices [...]

October Menu Plan


As I worked on updated last year’s October Menu Plan from last year, to make sure all the recipes were up to date, I reflected on how much I love this menu. It’s definitely one of my favorites because it includes the right mix of meal types–chicken, beef, seafood, pork, and veggie meals, mixes in [...]

What’s for dinner? Check the Menu Plan

september meal dinner plan menu

Wait. What? It’s officially Fall? But… but… it’s in the 80s. We’re sweating. I might have to pull out the July meal plan this week and next. But if you’re in the mood for Fall, finish up September with some Fall favorites. Here’s the September Meal Plan– four weeks of dinner menus that you can [...]

Family Meal Plan for September

september meal dinner plan menu

It’s got to be a growth-spurt, but I am SO impressed with Little and her eating habits lately. She could not get enough of the Taco Chicken Bowls or the Rigatoni Peperanotano last week. And this week she’s asking for soup, soup and more soup. I love it when I make something and the kids [...]

September Meal Plan

september meal dinner plan menu

September, we hear you calling. You *want* us to pull out the slow cooker and start making chilis and soups, don’t you? Well, here at Julieverse, we did that a dreadfully hot Saturday night and enjoyed our first tastes of the upcoming season. And while I’d rather stick with grilling salmon and burgers and chicken [...]

August Meal Plan

august meal plan -- 5 weeks of family fresh dinners

or those of you new to meal planning, be sure to read my basic tips for meal planning post. And to get meal plans in your email inbox, subscribe to the Julieverse daily emails (plus you’ll receive other Julieverse posts each day.) 5 weeks of summer dinners for August Menu Plan July Week 5/August Week 1 Monday: Brown Sugar [...]