What I love about blogging (and what’s not so lovable): #VlogMom

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This week's question comes from Rajean of Because I Said So: Favorite thing(s) about blogging & Pet Peeve(s) about blogging - no less than 1 and no more than 3 for each. Anyone want to guess my favorite or least favorite things about blogging? Hint on the least favorites... I'm mentioned some of them in my Dear Bloggers, Please... post. [To view the embedded video, click here.] Join the discussion and link up here, or comment below. … [Read more...]

Home of the Free: #VlogMom

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Monday night, after the debates, for what seems like the millionth time I thought about living in America and how obvious it is that this is where I want to live. No, I don't love everything our country selects to do and no I can't say that I'm in love with either of our candidates this election. But as the discussion tried so hard to focus on international and world affairs, as Iran, Libya, Syria and Pakistan kept coming up again and again and again, I couldn't help by think why? why would … [Read more...]

Mom Blogging: How do I start?

According to Digital Mom, there are over 3.9 million mom blogs on the internet. Add to that the infinite number of blogs, and it makes you wonder how some of my peers haven't caught the blogging bug, yet. I've talked to a few friends who ask "how do I get started blogging? What tips do you have? What do I need to do to start my blog and get it moving?"   How do I get started blogging? Um. You start. No really. If you want to blog to share favorite photos and stories of your family with … [Read more...]

Its Carnival Time!

We're so excited to be featured in this week's Best of Mommy Blogger's Carnival. Not only is it awesome to be included, but its such an amazing opportunity to find new blogs to read. A shout out to the host, Jessica of It's My Life. And a rave for this funny read, where Sarah of Sarah and the Goon Squad, tells her kids the magic of the birds and the bees with her inlaws in the audience. … [Read more...]