Summer Reading List


I have amazing memories of summers spent on vacations, relaxing by the pool, sneaking in a half hour to read every now and then. In fact, the majority of my summers can be matched with the books I read and where I was as I read each book. This summer will be no different. Here […]

How to use Disney Frozen books to enhance learning

frozen novel disney

I’m working with Disney Publishing to review and discuss Disney Frozen books as both a parent and an educator. With an obsessed four year old, we happily welcomed more and more of these stories into our home–each book offering a new light on the story that she knows so well. Below are brief video reviews […]

Journal-Themed books kids love reading

books for elementary kids journal theme

When connecting with books, most kids look for a character they identify with, or aim to be. Images help to tell the stories, and so does the first-person point of view. Reading a story from a child’s point of view makes kids feel a closer part of the book, and the fiction genre’s subcategory of […]

How to find books your child will love

how to find books for kids

There are many things to be concerned with when selecting a book for your child to read, especially children who haven’t become devoted to a specific genre or author. Usually, kids around 2nd to 3rd grades are still “playing the field”, trying to determine the books of most interest. Or, they’ll get hooked on one […]

Fall Alpha-Bits Book: A preschool learning activity

alphabet abc book

Alpha-Bits cereal snack times have been the inspiration to many great opportunities for letter-based learning and conversation lately. On a recent walk through our  neighborhood, I brought along a baggie of Alpha-Bits for Little (age 4) to enjoy. These tiny whole-grain cereal pieces, all shaped like letters, have enthused her and opened a new way to […]

Wonder: a book review of a powerful children’s novel

wonder review

There are books that you enjoy, and there are books that make differences in your life. Wonder, written by RJ Palacio, is a moving book that opens eyes to the feelings of someone who is different. By addressing the perspectives of not just the main character, but many characters who interact with the child with […]

LeapFrog LeapReader Review: A grow-with-you learning toy

review of leapreader

I’ve always enjoyed LeapFrog for the consistency in their learning products. Kids know Tad, Lily and the crew. They recognize similar songs that they start hearing at just a few months old (right? Aren’t we all singing “A says a… The A says a… Every letter makes a sound, the A says a!” now that […]

Helping your child write summaries {FREE PRINTABLE}

write a summary

Summarizing is one of the hardest parts of writing and reading for kids. Teachers expect details, but not too many. They want to know about a specific event or book, but rewriting the summary on the back of the book isn’t acceptable and telling the play-by-play is just way too much information. Here’s a free […]

Interview with MeeGenius creator, Wandy Hoh

MeeGenius Children s Books   Android Apps on Google Play

A children’s reading app, MeeGenius was launched in 2010 by Wandy Hoh as a way to educate and stimulate the imaginations of not only her children, but an entire generation of early readers that are growing up surrounded by technology.  I had an opportunity to ask Wandy a few questions regarding her app and its growth. […]

Children’s Book Week


How can you celebrate Children’s Book Week in your home or community? Read together Pick out one of your (or one of your parents’) favorite books from childhood and introduce it to your child at bedtime. Go to the library Spend some time at your local library.  Even a few minutes here and there in […]